A Bait Shop

At the Tarpon Trading Company, we pride ourselves on not just the assortment of bait we provide but the quality. Our live baits are kept in six river rock filtered, temperature controlled bait wells. This allows for the freshest, liveliest baits on the market today. All live baits are delivered daily, pinfish are often delivered multiple times in a day! Bait is usually the difference between a so-so fishing day and a day to remember! We are committed to making sure you leave us armed and ready for an amazing day of fishing!

Current Assortment


Item Price
Live Shrimp Regular $2.85/dozen
Live Shrimp Hand Picked $3.75/dozen
Live Shrimp Select $4.25/dozen
Pinfish Small $7.00/dozen
Pinfish Large $8.00/dozen
Fiddler Crabs $3.19/dozen
* All live bait is subject to availability, although we pride ourselves on being in-stock!
* All prices subject to change.


* Also carrying dry chum and three sizes of menhaden oil in 8 oz, 32 oz, and 1 gallon.

Item Price
Ballyhoo Rigged $15.49/3 pack
Ballyhoo Unrigged $13.99/dozen
Chum Block $6.49
Finger Mullet $3.99/1 lb.
Black or Silver Mullet 3/4-1lb $3.79 each
Sardines $3.99/1 lb.
Sardines $12.99/5 lbs.
Shrimp $4.19/½ lb.
Squid $3.99/1 lb.
Squid $16.99/5 lbs.
Squid Bits $3.99
Thread Fins $9.99/5 lbs.
Cigar Minnows $23.49/5 lbs
LadyFish $2.59 each
* Offshore for multiple days? Bulk frozen orders are available upon request. Please allow 48-hour lead time.